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Vessel Safety

Top Shelf is registered with the USCG with a coastwise endorsement as an uninspected passenger vessel (UPV). The uninspected classification of Top Shelf is typical for a vessel of its size.

Vessel Inspection
The “uninspected” classification is misleading as Top Shelf has undergone a USCG inspection for passenger safety per “USCG Requirements for Uninspected Passenger Vessels (UPV)” regulations. This inspection includes crew licensing and vessel documentation, lifesaving equipment, fire fighting equipment, fire prevention, and suppression equipment. Also, the inspection looks at crew training, sanitation devices, and pollution prevention.

Top Shelf had a complete safety equipment refit in the spring of 2021, including new fire extinguishers, new personal floatation devices (PFD), a new 12-person life raft, and an engine room fire prevention system. Top Shelf completed the UPV inspection conducted by the USCG Sector Miami in February 2021.

Injury Prevention
Many injuries happen during routine vessel operations. The majority of these injuries occur when boarding and disembarking the vessel. The Captain is responsible for briefing our cruise passengers and for the crew’s periodic training for passenger assistance to and from the shore.

Crew Training
In addition to periodic training requirements mandated by the USCG UPV regulation, Top Shelf provides continuous training as follows:

  • Emergency contingency plans training including drills
  • First Aid Procedures in addition to required Red Cross Training
  • Fire Fighting Training and Communications
  • Routine shipboard operation procedures Training including:
  •      Interior Cleaning and Disinfectant Procedures
  •      Exterior Hull Cleaning and Waxing Procedures
  •      Sea Toy training and supervision
  •      Systems Preventative Maintenance.

 Safety Communication

Safety aboard Top Shelf is our top priority. We continuously look to improve our safety operations and training. We ask that our cruise passengers report any incident they feel is unsafe immediately to the Captain. He will provide immediate resolution to the incident if it is safe to do so based on the current operational situation. He will welcome any comments or recommendations that could help us improve safety aboard the vessel.

If you have any questions or comments regarding safety on Top Shelf, please contact us below.

Top Shelf Marine, LLC
Jim Gilpin – Manager
400 Hingham Streeet
Rockland MA 02370

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