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Proposing on a yacht isn’t just about asking the big question; it’s about creating a moment so special that it becomes a cherished memory for a lifetime. If you’re considering taking this romantic plunge, here’s how to ensure your yacht proposal is as perfect as your love story.


Choosing the Right Yacht

Select a yacht that fits the mood you’re going for—both intimate and luxurious. The yacht should provide the perfect backdrop for your proposal meaning the Captain, crew and photographer/videographer are aligned with your plan to be in the right place at your special moment. Securing a private charter offers you the exclusivity and intimacy needed for such a personal occasion. Top Shelf Motor Yacht is honored to have been the vessel chosen for multiple engagements thus far, and we truly hope to be part of your special day.

Setting the Scene

Working with the Cruise Concierge enables you to create the perfect moment. Proposing on a yacht takes a lot of the nerves away because all the details are handled for you. Just tell the concierge what you’d like on board, such as flowers or other decor and it will be taken care of. The goal of this day is to be both exciting and stress-free and our five-star team ensures you’ll enjoy every moment.  

When you know what kind of scene you’d like to set, we can help with things like timing (golden hour, sunset, twilight, starry skies, you name it). 


Creating the Moment

Plan a surprise that will lead up to the proposal. It could be a day of exploring hidden coves and enjoying a gourmet meal prepared by our executive chef.  We can assist in securing a photographer and/or videographer who can be disguised in a crew uniform. The memories made throughout your proposal day can be turned into an incredible gift for your loved one, cherished for a lifetime.

Personalizing Your Proposal

When proposing on a yacht, you need not do much beyond bringing the ring. The setting itself is so stunning and the service is second to none. However, if you wish to further personalize the proposal consider integrating elements that reflect your relationship! For example, let our concierge know if there’s a special bottle of wine from a memorable date and we’ll make sure to have it on board. 



A yacht proposal is the epitome of romance, offering a unique blend of luxury, intimacy, and the breathtaking beauty of nature. By utilizing our Concierge, you can enjoy the perks without any stress. We hope you’ll consider Hilton Head Yacht Charter for your incredibly special day!

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