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We’re often asked how to host a private yacht party. So, we’re sharing the details with you today! 

Hosting a party on a yacht is easier than hosting elsewhere, and that’s because the crew takes on the “heavy lifting”. All you need to do is determine a few key things, and then let them handle the rest.


How to Plan a Private Yacht Party

Start by discussing your vision, preferences, and any specific requirements. For example, if you’re hosting a bachelorette party on a yacht, you’ll want to outline the decor and any special games you’d want on board. The crew will obtain everything beforehand so all you need to do is arrive.

A theme party on a yacht is also a big hit. We often suggest choosing a theme so we can incorporate more wow-factor into your event. From black-tie affairs to tropical escapes, a well-thought-out theme adds an extra layer of sophistication. 

Maintain the exclusivity and intimacy of your luxury yacht party by curating an exclusive guest list. Invite individuals who will appreciate and contribute to the ambiance, creating a refined and sophisticated atmosphere.

Culinary Delights and On-Board Libations

Next, think about the food and drink you’d like to enjoy. No matter your preferences, every element will be catered to you. 

Our Executive Chef will create a bespoke menu that showcases exquisite flavors and presentation. From delectable hors d’oeuvres to gourmet multi-course meals, the culinary offerings will exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Hosting a private yacht party must include a signature cocktail, don’t you agree? We can design non-alcoholic specialty drinks as well! They’ll reflect the theme of your event. We offer a wide array of fine wines and champagne, and provide a fully stocked bar with premium spirits. Make a list of any specific brands you want on board so the crew can source them for you.


Entertainment and Atmosphere

Finally, consider the entertainment. Do you want live music or a DJ brought aboard? How about a brewmaster, distiller or cigar roller to host a tasting? If your private yacht party is more about relaxation, let’s bring our masseuse or aesthetician. No matter your desire, we have experienced and trusted vendors to come make your cruise even more memorable.

No matter what, it’s important to create a captivating ambiance. Lighting, sound systems, and audiovisual equipment are always of the highest quality to ensure an immersive and memorable experience.

When it comes to throwing a memorable yacht party, impeccable service is paramount. Our yacht’s professional crew is attentive, discreet, and dedicated to ensuring your guests’ comfort and satisfaction throughout the celebration. 

From the moment your guests step aboard, they should feel like royalty, and we always make sure they do.



Throwing a luxury event on a private yacht offers an unparalleled experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. It’s our job to carefully curate the guest’s menu, entertainment, route and more so we can ensure an unforgettable event. 

Captain Edin and Cruise Concierge Karen work together to help our guests select every detail. Once we know what our guests desire on board, we work alongside Chef Joel and Chief Steward Sara to execute five-star service.

We look forward to helping you embark on an extraordinary event that will be talked about for years to come.

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