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We are often asked if you should tip on a yacht charter or how much should you tip on a yacht charter. The amount guests tip varies by region, but yes, guests do tip the crew after a luxury yacht charter.

What is an Appropriate Tip for a Yacht Charter

When it comes to tipping the crew, what is appropriate? In the US, the average tip for a one-day charter ranges from 15-20% of the base charter cost. For example, if your dinner charter is $5,000, a tip for fantastic service would be $1,000.

Longer charters, called Term Charter, take place over multiple days. As the base cost rises, the tip range widens. The rule of thumb with yacht brokers is 10-20% for term charters.

How do Crew Tips Work on a Yacht?

The entire crew works diligently to ensure guests enjoy a luxurious, comfortable and enjoyable time on a yacht. From the Captain, to the Chef, to the Interior Crew, each member of the team gets an equal share of the tip.

Tips are split between the crew for a number of reasons. While the Stewardess may spend more time directly with the guests, each member of the crew plays an integral role in the success of a charter. The splitting of the tip not only ensures each member feels equally appreciated, but it also develops a team mindset aboard, providing the crew with deep incentive to perform their job to the very best of their abilities.

If you have an exceptional time aboard, guests are welcome to tip as much as they like. You are not limited to the 20% cap; if your crew exceeds all of your expectations, your tip is how you thank them. In yachting, the tip is a direct reflection of how your crew made the experience for you.

What is the Process for Tipping?

Before you disembark, the crew will prepare for your comfortable exit. When you are ready to leave the boat, you will have an opportunity to say goodbye to each member of the crew and this is when you would either hand your cash tip to the captain, or request an app-based money transfer account (like venmo or zelle) to transfer a tip in real time.

At St. Lucia Yacht Charter, we are incredibly proud to have some of the most talented and dedicated crew in the USA. Captain Edin, Executive Chef Joel, and Chief Stewardess Sara each bring something magical to the experience. Should you have any questions about yachting in St. Lucia, please do not hesitate to reach out to our cruise concierge!

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