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If we had a mojito every time someone asked us, “What do I wear on a yacht?” well, we’d be out of rum.

Choosing what to wear on a luxury yacht doesn’t have to be perplexing, especially when you don’t want to compromise on style, comfort, or practicality. 

We know the last thing you want is to feel underdressed or overdressed, so fear not! We’re here to help you choose what to wear on a yacht with ease. 


Casually Chic Options

When you think of a daytime yacht event, what comes to mind first? Effortless, casually cool ensembles, right? For the ladies, opt for lighter, flowy fabrics. Sundresses or wide leg trousers are easy, comfortable and practical.

If you’re seeking a timeless and classic look, opt for neutral tones. If you want to stand out, colorful prints and accessories are welcome!

For evening events, go glamorous. Unless otherwise stated, evening events aboard a yacht are black tie affairs. Yes, we’re talking floor length gowns, gloves, whatever your like. Remember, shoes are not permitted aboard so you’ll have to tie your evening wear together without them!

For the men, think less-is more. During the day, the outfit you’d wear on the golf course would typically work for yachting, except let’s untuck that shirt and unwind, shall we? If you prefer to be even more luxurious, we all know linen is a winner.

In the evening, show off your new suit or break out the tux. This is a five-star yacht charter after all. Need a reason to wear your finest watch? We have just the occasion.

Here are a few more things to remember when considering what to wear on a yacht:

  • Light fabric is your best friend
  • Accessorize to elevate your look
  • Bring layers and a change of clothes, if you like



Now that you know what to wear on a yacht, you can focus on enjoying the luxurious experience. Always remember to prioritize comfort and practicality when choosing your clothes.

Keep your wardrobe minimal but essential, and remember to accessorize to elevate your look. A private yacht charter is a rare experience and an exciting opportunity to show off your fashion. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to have an amazing time aboard. 

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